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Nerino Silva, Roberto Vidal, Sylvio Caldas etc.

Nerino Silva in the 1970s.
Francisco Egydio & Lupiscínio Rodrigues. 
Roberto Audi on the cover of  'Sétimo Céu' em 1960.  Roberto had good looks and had a good tenor's voice but never quite 'made it' in the big league.
Mario Augusto dos Santos muda o repertório durante do Carnaval. That means Mario Augusto who was a rock and ballad singer would change his repertoire into marchs and sambas when Carnival time was on.
Germano Mathias, a white guy who imitated Brazilian Blacks' swagger and repertoire.
Roberto Vidal sang mostly samba-canções, a close-relative of bolero.
revista 'O Cruzeiro' 1962.

Sylvio Caldas in 1957. Sylvio had become famous in the 30s & 40s but was still going strong in the 50s.
Pery Ribeiro, Dalva de Oliveira's son started as a samba singer and switched over to Bossa Nova sooner than later. He's the first one who recorded 'Garota de Ipanema' [Girl from Ipanema].
Wilson Simonal's 2 first albums for Odeon were really good. He had started as a rock-ballad singer. Then after Dutch Philips 'discovered' Jorge Ben in 1963, Odeon had to do something and it came out with this amazingly talented singer who could swing like no one... He later became imbroiled into the lowest case of political infight during the worst period of the Military Dictatorship and self-destructed.
the Original! Ken Griffin's 'To each his own'.
Ooops! a daisy! Roberto Carlos first album by Brazilian Columbia. They were too cheap to bother and make a new sleeve and used an old Ken Griffin's! A re-rash!

This is the back-cover of 'Louco por você' which became a collector's item of a high value due to its never been re-released. 
George Freedman & Nerino Silva during their tour in the Northeast circa 1968.

Roberto Luna... Uma voz para milhões...
Roberto Luna in Radiolandia 6 July 1955. 
Miltinho canta na TV Excelsior, Canal 2 do Rio de Janeiro-GB.
Miltinho's first 6 albums. Two albums for Rio's Sideral; one at RCA Victor; three for São Paulo's RGE.
Cyro Monteiro, sua elegância e seu sorriso arrasador...
Sylvio Caldas canta ao microphone da PRA-9.
Moreira da Silva, 16 Julho 1938.
o menestrel Juca Chaves canta tendo ao lado o Gordurinha, compositor e cantor.

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