Monday, 2 April 2012

1956 - Maria José Cardoso

Miss Brazil 1955 & Miss Brazil 1956.
Miss Universe 1956 - Miss Carol Ann Laverne Morris from Iowa - 20 July 1956.
Maria José Cardoso, Miss Brazil 1956, leads the way at Long Beach, California.

from top: Rossana Galli (Italy), Erna Marta Bauman (Mexico), Lola Sabogal Marzán (Peru), Hillevi Rombin (Miss Universe 1955), Ingrid Goude (Sweden), Carol Morris (USA), Blanquita Heredia Osío (Venezuela)middle: Ileana Carré (Argentina), Lucienne Auquier (Belgium), Maria José Cardoso (Brazil), Marcia Rodríguez (Cuba), Iris Alice Kathleen Waller (England), Sara Tal (Israel), Anita Treyens (France); bottom: Rita Gouma (Greece), Marina Orschel (Germany).

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis who were on top of their popularity as a duo, present Maria Jose Cardoso, Miss Brazil 1956 and Miss Iceland to the public of a TV station. For some unexplainable reason Miss Brazil is not wearing the official sash with Brazil's name on... Maria Jose wears her original Miss Brazil sash she had received in Rio de Janeiro earlier in the month.  
Miss Brazil being kissed by Dean Martin. 

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