Monday, 2 April 2012

1957 - Teresinha Morango

When Titans meet. Genius Pixinguinha meets the other genius, Louis Armstrong.

Angela Maria, Brazil's greatest female singer in 1957 sings along with Louis Armstrong's trumpet.

17 November 1957 - Louis Armstrong performs at Cine-Theatro Paramount on 21, 22 and 23 November; on the 24th Armstrong performs at Ibirapuera Arena with special guest-star Angela Maria. 

Teresinha Morango, Miss Brazil 1957 with Gladys Zender Miss Universe 1957.

Miss Brazil, Miss Italy (Valeria Fabrizzi) & Miss France (Lisa Simon). Miss Oregon is way out of line with her legs spread apart a no-no at a beauty contest show.

15 finalists of  Miss Universe 1957.

Miss Cuba, Miss England (Sonia Hamilton), Miss Universe 1957 (from Peru), Miss Brazil and Miss Germany (Gerti Daub).

Miss Brazil, Terezinha Morango & Miss Germany, Gerti Daub.

Gerti Daub, Miss Germany, was the most popular at Miss Universe 1957. The crowd roared with displeasure when she was placed only 5th place. 

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