Monday, 2 April 2012

1954 - Getúlio Vargas

On 24 July 1954, Martha Rocha, Miss Brazil is chosen #2 at the 3rd edition of Miss Universe at Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach, California, USA. 

However, despite popular acclamation, even in the USA, who favored her to win the title of Miss Universe it was Miss USA, Miriam Stevenson, who won the title. According to legend, Miriam's hip measurement was 2 inches (51 mm) smaller than that of Martha. The narrower look was the "standard measure" at that time.

On 24 August 1954, President Getulio Vargas shoots himself in the heart upsetting the rightwing's plan of overthrowing his government to set up a dictatorship. The conservative rightwing would have to wait for another 10 years to get their wish come true.  

August 1954 - President Getulio Vargas shoots himself in the chest plunging the country in turmoil; the whole country mourns Getulio's death.

Martha Rocha, Miss Brazil 1954 becomes the greatest sensation in Long Beach, California.

California sun is too much for some...

Martha Rocha in an add for Gessy soaps.

Martha Rocha was undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the world in 1954... even though she was only the runner-up at Long Beach.

'Duas polegadas' (Two inches) was recorded by Martha Rocha in 1954 for the 1955 Carnaval. 

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