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1961 - Staël Abelha

Staël Abelha, Miss Minas Gerais & Miss Brazil 1961. 

Staël Abelha, Miss Brazil 1961.
Staël from Caratinga-MG on the cover of Fatos & Fotos 1st July 1961 & 15 July 1961.

Alda Coutinho, Staël Abelha & Vera Brauner.
Staël bewitches the masses.
a lot of nerve: Staël walks downtown Rio de Janeiro wearing her 'bahiana' costume
Staël doesn't even bat an eye-lid... she keeps on trucking... and men stop and stare...
'Last time I saw Paris' with Elizabeth Taylor was playing at Cine Metro.
Staël who had been the most popular miss on the catwalk at Maracanãzinho for Miss Brazil just a few days before walks through the main streets of Rio de Janeiro before flying to Miami.

'O Cruzeiro' 15 July 1961 - Me and you in Miami! Let's go? I'll be there representing our country in the catwalk in 15 July. Would you like also to go and root for Brazil? I will be happy to hear your applause so close to me in the catwalk. Threre's a Brazilian caravan leaving on the 13th in the fabulous Braniff Super Jets 707-227. Think how wonderful all Miami's a party with people from every part of the world. Let's go! The program includes round-trip, hotel reservations, tickets for all the beauty contest pageant functions. It will be unforgettable. You'll witness one of the biggest world event through Braniff. 

Miami in the July sunshine

Latin-american flock together: Ecuardor, Brazil, Venezuela & Guatemala.
Misses of the world unite! Misses galore in the Florida sunshine.
Oh God! I just can't stand the heat!
Miss Brazil, Miss England, Miss Finland; Miss Brazil, Miss Virginia & Miss Republic of China.
drama & sun stroke in Miami, Florida.
Iceland, Sweden, Brazil & Finland
Staël Abelha with Hollywood heart-throb Troy Donahue; Staël with Miss Universe 1960 Linda Bement.
Miss Germany Marlene Schmidt becomes Miss Universe 1961.
Johnny Carson as the MC, Linda Bement & Marlene Schmidt

the politcs of Miss Universe

I remember that my Father used to say that the Miss Universe contest was all fake and the cards were all marked before hand. I thought my Father was wrong then, but now I agree with him. If you come to think of it you'll be amazed to realize that the very first Miss Universe Beauty Contest in 1952 in which Miss Finland was elected the first Miss U., politics was high in the choice of the most beautiful girl. The Cold War was raging hot and Finland was hosting the Olympic Games a little later and needed a plug.

In 1953, Miss France was the chosen one. Reconstruction was still going on in war-torn Europe and they needed a little caress. In 1954, the USA had to win even if Miss Brazil was the most beautiful and the favourite. In 1955, Sweden won the contest for almost the same reasons as 1952. Scandinavia was a bastion against menacing Communism so close in Russia.

1956 was USA again. No explanations needed. Miss Universe 1957 was Peru and 1958 was Colombia. The organizers thought it was about time Latin America was rewarded for being so nice to US politics. In 1959, Japan was rewarded for being such a goody-two-shoes. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, but now they were contrite, anti-communist and deserved a prize.

In 1960 there was an upheaval in the Contest organization. The capitalist side won against the more community-based Long Beach organizers. The capitalists took off and landed the show in Miami, Florida, so close to Communist Cuba... and Miss USA was chosen Miss U. for the 3rd time.

Finally, in 1961, just to reward the Germans, who had lost WWII to the US but were now a balwark against the Russians, Marlene Schmidt is elected Miss Universe 1961. As you can see, my Father was right after all.

From the 3 countries that formed the infamous Axis in the WWII, Italy was the only one left out of the Miss Universe bounty. For some mysterious reasons none of the many Miss Italy were very prominent in the Contest. One or two Miss Italy contestants were deemed 'too sexy' for the competion and no Miss Italy has ever been among the 5 finalist. Correct me if I'm mistaken, please.

Staël Maria da Rocha Abelha & her beau, millionaire Múcio Atayde flee from reporters at Galeão Airport.
Múcio Atayde was an overbearing man who thought he owned the world. His body language tells it all. 
Staël summons the press at Hotel Serrador and declares she resigns the Miss Brazil title as of 19 July 1961.

according to

Staël Abelha was number 16, but they only needed 15 

Batch 1961 was considered a weak batch by many. At first only 13 were announced as semifinalist. It was later revealed that Misses Peru, Sweden and Brazil all tied in the 14th. 

The 3 ladies went on to compete again in front of the judges and it was decided that Peru and Sweden should complete the top 15. Because of this, Staël Abelha became the first Miss Brazil to miss the semifinals cut since they started competing back in 1954.

When Abelha was crowned as Miss Brazil 1961 she didn't want to go to Miami to compete for the Miss Universe title. According to some reports she was scared that if she went her rich boyfriend might break up with her. After returning from Miami, she immediately relinquished her title but only married the fellow in December 1963. 

Staël resigned her Miss Brazil 1961 title after returning from Miami Beach, Florida.

Staël Abelha was one of the most controversial Miss Brazil ever. Soon after she won the title of Miss Brazil 1961, she wasn't really sure if she wanted to go on to Miami, Florida to try and become Miss Universe. Apparently her beau and future husband was the macho type who didn't want his bride to be showing off her legs around the world. We don't really know how but Stael managed to make it to Miami where she's seen in the pictures here.  

Staël ended up not being included among the 15 finalists in 15 July (see note above). This 'rude awakening' might have triggered her decision to resign her Miss Brazil title as soon as she was back in the country in 19 July 1961. 

A month later, 25 August 1961, President Janio Quadros decides he had enough of politics and resigns his post leaving the county on a lurch. 

Staël finally marries Mucio Athayde - on the cover of O Cruzeiro 18 Junuary 1964. 
 cinema-theatres in São Paulo in 1961.
Sarita Montiel ruled in 1961 with 'My last tango'.

Revista do Radio says Sao Paulo is 'where's at' for young talented musicians - 18 March 1961. 

Wilson Miranda (Chantecler) born on 7 March 1940 in Itapolis-SP (Chantecler)
Ana Lúcia (Duchele da Silva) from Santa Catarina records for Chantecler
Pery Ribeiro born on 27 October 1937 in Rio is one of Dalva de Oliveira's son (Odeon)
Leila Silva born Inezilda Nonato da Silva in Manaus-AM on 7 July 1935 (Chantecler)   
Tony Campello (Sergio Benelli) born on 24 February 1937 in Taubaté-SP (Odeon)
Regina Celia (Rosa) born on 11 April 1944 in Lorena-SP
José Otoni & brother José Orlando from Rio Grande do Norte were brought down south by Luiz Vieira
Claudia Regina born Claudia Aparecida de Godoy 29 January 1940 in S.Caetano do Sul

Celly Campello (Celia Benelli) born on 18 June 1942 (Odeon)
George Freedman (Jorg Friedmann) born on 7 Aug 1940 in Berlin, came to Brazil in 42 (Continental)
Agnaldo Rayol born on 3 May 1938 (Copacabana) 
Ronnie Cord (Ronald Cordovil) born on January 1943 (Copacabana)
Franquito (Pastor Franco) born 30 March 1947 in Aquidauna-MT (Copacabana)
Mario Augusto (dos Santos) born in Jundiaí-SP (Copacabana)
Bobby de Carlo (Roberto dos Santos) born on 30 June 1947 (Odeon)
Roberto Vidal (Sidney Grigoleto) born on 22 July 1933 (RCA).

Staël Abelha in 2010... still looking pretty good. 

Miss International Beauty 1961

The second Miss International Beauty Pageant was held at Long Beach, California in 28 July 1961, two weeks later after the Miss Universe 1961 Contest in Miami. 

Miss Holland, Stam van Baer is chosen Miss International Beauty 1961. Miss Brazil, Vera Brauner Menezes is the runner-up.  

That's how daily OESP gave the news on the Sunday, 30 July 1961. 

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