Monday, 10 April 2017

Portraits of Ademilde Fonseca, Nora Ney etc.

Most of the portraits in this page were taken from Osmar Frazão's FB album. We'd like to thank Frazão for his generosity when we know perfectly well that most people would stick ugly 'water-marks' on top of them beautiful photos. 
a radiant Ademilde Fonseca... a svelte Angela Maria.
a hard-working Blota Junior; a stunningly beautiful Dircinha Baptista. 
a spunky João Dias and an inquiring Nora Ney.
Candido Botelho photographed in Hollywood; Orlando Correa in 1953.
Orlando Correia sings at Radio Tupi accompanied by Hedmar Martins & 2 young ladies.
Roberto Paiva; Rinaldo Calheiros. 
a wistful Ivon Cury.
a dreamy Cauby Peixoto. 
Ruy Rey in 1948; Stellinha Egg in 1943. 
4 Azes & 1 Coringa; Marília Baptista & Henrique Baptista.
Mario Zan; maestro Gaó whose real name was Odmar Amaral Gurgel.
song-writer Peterpan aka Jose Fernandes de Paula was married to Nena Robledo, Emilinha Borba's sister; René Bittencourt wrote 'Estrela Dalva', 'Senhor da floresta', 'Nono mandamento' etc. 
João da Bahiana; Paulo Portela. 
Laura Suarez was Miss Ipanema 1929; she recorded for Brunswick; married a US record executive who worked for MGM in South America; Heber Boscoli on the right.
Morgana, a Fada Loira talks on 2 phones simultaneously; see the calendar on the wall; it shows August 1959; on the right Carmelia Alves, the Queen of Baiao.
ravishing Dalva de Andrade; Djalma Ferreira without his Rhythm Millionaires...
Jair Alves with Nipper & some young friends; Luiz Gonzaga aka Lua.
Rubens Leite used to imitate popular female-singers: Jose Duba, radio speaker.
Pato Preto as a Black cowboy & Elizeth Cardoso. 
Joel & Gaucho.
a young Orlando Silva; Os Cariocas soon after Ismael Neto's death.
Trigêmeos Vocalistas were not twins but 2 brothers and a cousin. 
Anjos do Inferno were not angels nor hailed from hell... Leo Villar in the right in 1942.
Emilinha Borba at Radio Nacional. 

Thanks to Osmar Frazão. All these wonderful photos were taken from Frazão's Facebook page. Frazão never complained that people 'steal' his pictures away and had denied to stamp those ridiculous 'water-mark' on top of such lovely images like some people are used to doing. 

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