Sunday, 6 August 2017

Renata Fronzi & Cesar Ladeira travel the world 1951

'Jornal das Moças' journalist Suzy visits Renata Fronzi at her apartment in Copacabana - who talks about her trip to the USA & Europe she and husband Cesar Ladeira took in the last two months of 1951, before she has another baby. 

'Jornal das Moças' interview Renata Fronzi who shows all the photos she took during her worldwide travel. 
'Jornal das Moças', 3rd January 1952; the couple visited Xochimilco in Mexico, Los Angeles, California, New York. Then they flew to London and Paris. 

Renata Fronzi on Broadway. 'David & Bathsheba' premiered on 10 August 1951, starring Gregory Peck & Susan Hayward. By the looks of Fronzi's clothes this would be November 1951.

Renata went to see Ethel Merman & Paul Lukas in Irving Berlin's 'Call me Madam' at the Imperial Theater on West 45th Street. Fronzi enjoyed it and claimed 'musical comedy is here to stay... musical revue is dead in the US'. 

Renata raves about meeting Carmen Miranda at her house in Hollywood. Cesar Ladeira was the man who concocted the sobriquet 'Pequena Notável' when he & Miss Miranda worked at Radio Mayrink Veiga in the 1930s but Fronzi herself had never had the pleasure to meet the great artist. She was impressed and said Carmen was an agreeable person and the household she shared with Dave Sebastian was a happy place.

Carmen shows Suzy, a 'Jornal das Moças' journalist a large painting of herself. 
Fronzi, heart-throb Fernando Lamas & Cesar Ladeira in Buenos Aires

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