Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pelé in 1960

Pelé listens to his favourite albums at home on a day he didn't have to work. Agostinho dos Santos' 'Inimitável', 'Convite para ouvir Maysa no.4' and 'Nelson Gonçalves in Hi-Fi' are among others.

The head-line reads 'Pelé, the millionaire' but he was living at a boarding house owned by Raimundo, former Santos basket-ball player, his 17-year old brother Zoca (Jair Nascimento) and 'Porunguinha' (José Carlos) a 3-year old boy ('related to Pelé' according to the text) with no parents. Pelé's father, Dondinho, lived in Baurú-SP and controlled his son's finances.

Rua Pinheiros Machado in Santos-SP
'Mundo Ilustrado' 27 August 1960. Pelé talks with Walter's father whose son plays at Valença.
Pelé & Porunguinha

Pelé waves bye-bye to Porunguinha in Zoca's arms.

Pelé, Dondinho & Zoca.

Pelé's record collection

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